Conditions of participation

1. Organizer of the competition

Organizer is the E-world energy & water GmbH jointly with their partners innogy, Google and conenergy (in the following called organizers).

2. Purpose

Aim of the Energy App award is to award useful, innovative and exiting apps on the subject energy.

3. Deadline

The contributions can be submitted until 1st December 2017. Participation is only possible on . Concepts and applications, which have been submitted in other competitions, may also be submitted. The number of submitted contributions per person or company is not limited.

4. Eligibility

Eligible are companies as well as private persons over 18 years.

5. Process of selecting the winner

The jury, consisting of members of the partners and independent experts, will perform a pre-selection one month after the end of the application deadline (compare with point 3) and invite three finalists per category to present their apps.

This pre-selection event will take place at the beginning of December 2017. The winners of the individual categories will be announced and honored on the E-world energy & water on 8 February 2017 in Essen.

6. Evaluation

The evaluation criteria of the jury are as follows:

  1. Background
    1. Development phase
    2. Target group
  2. Concept
  3. Business Impact
    1. Sales potentials
    2. Business model
  4. Technology
    1. Usability
    2. Data processing
    3. Performance
Content of the contribution

Contributions with inappropriate content that are promoting violence, vulgar or pornographic or support discrimination of gender, sexuality, political orientation or nationality, or otherwise infringe on someone else’s rights, natural or legal persons, may be excluded from the competition at the organizers own discretion.

Rights of use of the contribution and third-party rights

The organizers reserve the right to publish the submitted concepts and applications in their own media (for example on the Website or in press releases).

The rights of usage of the submitted app or concept are spatially and temporally unlimited transmitted to the organizer for the following purposes:

  • Publication on the websites of the organizers
  • Publication of press releases in connection with the competition
  • Publication of the submitted contributions and naming the author after the end of the competition and other PR measures associated with the competition.

Furthermore the copyright remains with the author. With the participation in the Energy App Award the participant confirms that all rights are present, which are necessary for the competition and that they do not infringe someone else’s rights. The participant releases the organizers from all claims of third parties toward the competition and the related measures.

Legal note

The decision of the jury is final.